what happens when you connect two 9v batteries to eachother? If I tried it would I die?
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I've done it, it can cause them to blow up if they are connected for a long time, but I use it to charge batteries, if one is dead connect it to a live one and it will charge the dead one.

EDIT: not really blow up, but leak.
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Depends on how you do it.

If you just put both +'s and both -'s together then you will have a 9v battery able to put out twice the amperage

If you just flip the battery and put the +'s to the -'s then you will short them out and have a chance to burn it up.

If you put one of the +'s and one of the -'s together, while leaving the other 2 terminals open you will have an 18v battery.
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you could always try to swallow a 9v volt battery

now that would speed up your metabolism

EDIT: its amps not volts that kills
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They heat up.

If you want to be adventurous, lick one. It tingles.
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They heat up.

If you want to be adventurous, lick one. It tingles.

Thats pretty fun, especially if you lick a D battery
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