I have an 84-87 era Squier by Fender Stratocaster with an E series number...does anyone have an idea how much i should ask for it or a resource for finding its value...its got some wear on the fretboard and a few scratches...and its the blond finish...thanks
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well it is a japanese guitar and they are known for makeing quality instruments, so that would probaly influence the price to a pretty substantial degree.
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not sure of an exact price but more than non japanese made squiers for sure


i think it had some info on japanese ones

edit: "when squier was first introduced in the 80s, they were probably some of the best guitars in the world. If you can find an 80's squier, good for you. They are made out of great wood, better pickups, better feel, knobs and better tuners."
can you post some pics of this guitar? i can pin point the price pretty accurately. also, where are you located? i am interested in buying this guitar as well. thanks!
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http://www.squierjv.info/jvukpriceguide.htm <--Japan Squier 80s Pricing

"Squier logo JV Stratocaster. Poor cond........£250 - £300 / Good cond.......£350 - £450 / Excellent cond......£400 - £500

Early Fender logo JV Stratocaster. Poor cond........£500 - £650 / Good cond.......£650 - £900 / Excellent cond......£800 - £1000+ "
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