So I've been saving up for a new amp, haven't really had any choices but I was wondering on amps like the fender deluxe and the Peavey Valveking (112), that have two inputs can you play two guitars at once? or is it for running stuff for recording?I know this is a dumb question, especially since I've been playing for so long I've just never had a decent amp
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a regular one and a low-gain one incase you want to use active pickups but don't want to overdrive the amp, or something similar.
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a regular one and a low-gain one incase you want to use active pickups but don't want to overdrive the amp, or something similar.

Read the thread.

I don't really know though, I've never tried it. Maybe I should...
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Well, you can plug in two guitars and it'll work (I've tried, but not for very long), but I'm guessing it's not a good idea; at least don't plan on doing it for long periods of time.

But yeah, they're basically intended for better cleans, probably especially on one-channel tube amps, like the Peavey Windsor.
One input is for high gain (most normal guitars are high gain) and one is for low gain (most microphones are low gain) when you plug in two things into both inputs at the same time, they both will go to low gain, plus when you turn up the guitars loud, they will start to cancel each other out, like one guitar will be able to play, and the other one could be strumming, and no sound would come from the amp, until the other ones stops for a second, then it would be the opposite way. Me and my friend blew out a school amp both playing out of it that way. Plus the sound is crappy out of low gain.
^Dunno about that. I think that amp just plain sucked. I was once playing through a JSX combo with my friend, using both inputs, and it was fine. Sounded good, worked well.
My peavey classic 50 has two inputs and if you plug your guitar into one and any kind of 1/4" into the other you get a cool boost. As far as two guitars at once, you'd probably be able to.
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yeah you can. me and my friend did it with a valveking at GC. sounded good too.
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