I am currently in the planning stage for a new guitar I am going to build, and I have a few questions for someone with a bit more experience in this field.
1) Where is the best place to order an Original Floyd Rose, or an Ibanez Edge Pro/ZR? What would be a good price for these trems? Which would you recommend?
2) Would it be overly difficult for me to install the trem on the guitar myself, or should I take it somewhere to be installed?
3) Where is a good place to get templates for different guitar bodies and cavities for free or for a reasonable price?
Thanks in advance.
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Floyd rose originals can be pricey, around $300. I dunno about the Ibanez one your talking about. I know there a bitch to install and work with.
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Anyone help have any answers? Also, the Floyd Rose on Warmoth, is that an Original? And does that bridge stay in tune well?