what does most of pickup mods mean?
some terms i dont know
and any other terms i wouldnt know
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i know humbucker..

from my knowledge..it's when you have a guitar which looks to have to pickups in the same hole lol...not much of an explanation...but you can get single coil pickups and humbuckers

single = single pickups

humbucker = double

someone correct me if i'm wrong
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A humbucker is essentially 2 single coils of opposite polarity in one unit. The opposing polarization of their respective magnetic fields cancels out any electro-magnetic interference that should enter the field, rather than picking it up like a true single coil would.

Active - the circuit is powered by a battery, sending an already-powered signal to the amp.

Passive - the circuit isn't powered externally, simply relying on the amp to amplify the signal straight from the pickups

Inductance, I believe, is the power of the signal created by the pickup.
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An example of active: EMG's
An example of passives: Seymour Duncans.
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