been thining about this for a while know...

my bass that i was ding some heavy modding on pissed me off nd i threw it in th fireplce (thewood was shitty, i wassandn wit 150 and it was still chipping.)
( https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=502739 )

i still have the neck and electronics...

i was thinking about building a double neck guitar but instead of a 12 string on top it'd be a 4 string bass... at ya think?

would it work (dontsee why it wouldnt.)

has it been dne before??

sorry for typos, grammys keyboard is dumb
I can't see why it won't work. I'm not sure I've seen it done before, but I think it's a killer idea.

Go for it.
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Yea geddy lee used a double rickenbacker bass/guitar. You can even do it on Warmoth
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$250 for an amp? wow. is it worth it to invest that much in the amp?

ya, we dont have a bassist. so i could play both... itd be cool,mabe i could get an extra arm so i could play both at the same time
the only real issue i can see is amplification. your only option really is Orange amps unless u wanna do something crazy with a separate amp for guitar and bass
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orange amps would rip everthin outta my wallet...

i was gonna get one before i gotmy randall halfstac (:rolleyes, because randall is my last name ) i liked it when i tried it at a local shop (te orange) and was really considering gettin it as my idolsused them...

sorry for mistakes, keboard sucsmajor shit. and im to lazyto fix the mistakes
i guess you'd just have to go with separate outputs then. keep us updated on this (pics), ive been wantin to try it myself
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when i get some money/steal some wood... ill start building... rght now, im (re)shaping the bass headstock and painting the bass pickguard...
you could only do it with seperate outputs unless you like ripping speakers to bits! they bas speakers hate guitar and guitar speakers hate bass. the other good thing about seperate outputs is it's less head stress from a wiring perspective.

the other thing you need to take into consideration with this poject is the weight of the guitar. unless your a sodding big rugby player (or american football i supose since your american) the weight of a double neck will really do your back in. there are two baisic ways round it i've gone for a huge swimming pool rout under the pick guard to bring the weight down and calum is making his like a thinline telecaster. either way you need to bring down the weight if you want to stand up and play it
Don't bass amps work fine for guitar? Specificly the Fender Bassman?
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its been done, cause i played one in sound control, not htough and amp tho
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all bass amps are fine with guitars. you'll just get a different tone.
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but build one anyway! i plan to, one day
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don't use a guitar amp with a bass or visa versa. the speakers are not built for it and it fucks them so that they sound shite however you can run a guitar into a bass head and the head into a guitar cab or bass into guitar head and then to a bass cab, otherwise you'll just ruin expensive equipment

just to clarify it's not the amp that can be damaged by running the wrong instument through it, it's the speakers in instrument amps their built to handle specific frequencies, and they don't apreciate having the wrong frequency put through them
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is this thread dead? come on threadstarter keep us in the loop.
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I think the thread is just about dead... I would really like to hear how this turned out myself. As We have no bassist this would be something cool to do.

Anyhow, Post some pics or something thread starter!
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sillybuuger12 - You're only partially right about the speakers not handling the frequencies and wrecking them. Running a frequency that's too low for the speaker (eg. bass through a guitar amp) will kill the speaker, but running a frequency that's too high (eg. guitar through a bass amp) will do very little harm to the speaker. The mass of the cone will be too great to move at a higher frequency. While it won't play the high frequencies, it won't much damage to the speaker at all.
In fact, I've heard of famous artists running their guitars through bass cabinets for a meatier sound.
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It has been done before, famously by Rickenbacker. I'd just use a bass amp for both, although you could have seperate outputs so you can have different effects for each.

Here is a Rickenbacker 4080: