grease it? I don't know I have a Fender.
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my cousin just got a new ibanez which does the same thing. The guy at the shop put a little bit of WD-40 on it and it fixed it right up.
try loosening the nut thing that holds it in
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....dont twist it?
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yeah dont they just like screw in? if so just unscrew it a tiny bit so its not as tight.. otherwise the WD-40 will probly do the trick
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All we did when my buddies S Prestige did this was get into the trem cavity, find the bolt that's closest to the trem arm holder, can remember which one, and we tightened it. Fixed the problem, but you may not want to go around tightening random bolts.
Does it sound like the creaking sound is coming from the headstock? This is an indication of the strings rubbing against the nut or especially the string trees, causing the noise and also sometimes tuning problems. Get yourself some lubricant (there are many made just for this purpose) and lubricate the strings at the nut and the string trees.