ok... I own an Epiphone SG. I stayed with it, satisfied enough till I realized that the pickups sucked. (that's ok though... for now) So I got myself a Jackson. After not even a week of playing, I compared the playability (is that a word?) between the two. On my Jackson I use a set of D'Addario XL's "super light guage" strings. I don't even remember what strings I have on my epiphone...

I don't de-tune much at all on my Jackson in fact, only to a dropped D. Only because I can't get it to stay in tune at anything lower. (Floyd Rose tremolo bridge)

However I de-tune almost everything on my Epiphone for the more heavier sound.
I used a set a of standard guage strings and the movement and smoothness doesn't meet my requirements.

knowing that:

If I use a set of lighter guaged strings on my epiphone, will it have any negative effects whatsoever on my guitar/strings/or sound itself?
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it will change your sound, giving you a slightly lighter sound, but that wont give you any negative effects...

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itll just give you more highs on your sound nothing bad. and lighter gauges are more stretchable if you know what i mean. the bends are easier on light strings. thats pretty much it.
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you jackson doesn't go low as well because its set up for standard they're pretty technical devices, truthfully speaking you should set it up specifically for dropped if you use it often enough
if you de tune, you need heavier guage strings. 9's wont cut it if you go down to c or b standard.
The reason why your Jackson won't stay in tune, is because you're not doing it right, it's not like a normal guitar bridge (I assume you know that). You can't just tune it to a lower tuning, and expect it to stay tuned.
yeah I know it's not like a normal bridge... so if I'm doing it wrong, what do you think is right? (raised eyebrow)
Tragic... stupidity!