Tom Morello is easily my favorite guitarist ever and I want to make my rig similar to his. I want to buy the pedals he uses and I was wondering what guitar and amp would be good for his sound. The thing is I cant afford to buy the expensive gear he uses. So I need a guitar thats $500 or less and an amp $700 or less. Thanks for the help.
I use a Strat and a Traynor tube amp and it works well.

It's mainly more his pedals. Digitech whammy > delay > flanger or phase > wah
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Basically all you need is a JCM800 (forgot the exact model he uses), a Peavy Cab, a Digitech Whammy, Boss DD-2 (any Boss Delay will work, though), and a Crybaby.

Guitar: Strat with hotrails in the bridge and a humbucker equipped guitar.

There you go, the bare basics of Morello's Rig.
well Fender makes a mexican strat with a Floyd, i actually dug it, i think he uses a 2205 or 2210, i could be very wrong, he uses an original Whammy so thats hard to find since they did have different tonal characteristics, any boss delay and a dunlop crybaby should be his rig, he does have other guitars tho, including a LP
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go to en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Morello

theres a whole section about his guitars and effects


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+1 for digitech whammy.. you cant mimic tom morello without the whammy pedal
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But to the point tom morello's set up is, a delay(digitech), wah(crybaby), Whammy(duh), a signal booster and an mxr phase 90. "Along with a toggle switch to turn the guitar signal off and on." I got that outta guitar world magazine when they interviewed him.

Go Morello! gotta get these ideas from someone, ya know?
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Get a whammy and wah those two are pretty essential.. and fun
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tremelo is a big one too.
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they do make a killswitch pedal, but not worth it, you could easily disconnect a pickup and just use your toggle switch to switch the the pickup you disconnected
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