Poll: Do you study for exams?
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44 52%
38 45%
I've never had an exam.
2 2%
Voters: 85.
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So, my final exam for calculus is tomorrow and I am currently taking a 15 minute break from studying. I've been goin at it for the last 5 hours, and I'll probably go another 3 before i quit.

I never realized how tired you get from thinking......I'm shaking right now, it's weird. I think I need to eat. My brain is mush.....

Anyway, is anyone else studying for exams right now? Probably most highschool students in Ontario will be.....

But, what I really wonder.....is there a number of hours that you can max out on with studying? Like, is there a certain number of hours of studying before it really doesn't help you anymore and is just a waste of time? I know I would never run into that on a highschool exam, (University maybe) but is there some scientific study or something about this? I'm just curious....or is this just a very far-fetched idea?

And what is the longest time you've ever spent studying for a single exam?
Once more exam to go... Someone's been trying to explain an aspect of chemistry to me for the last hour and a half.

As for the poll, I very rarely study for tests and exams.
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Im susposed to be studying for english right now, but how hard could it be right? I can speak and spell the english langauge pretty good.
i have a photograpic memory so i only need about 30 minutes.. I do great in school, but you wouldnt consider be preppy.
^same here... but the problem is i haven't payed attention or done any of my readings this semester... im getting lazy... i wish i had motivation
I almost never study for regular tests and quizes, but some how when exams come around I can't do anything but study. I studied almost nonstop from noon to 11 mixing between science and spanish a few nights ago.

I don't know how I do it.
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Literally, the most I've ever studied for a test is like 5 minutes. I just lose interest and don't see the point. And those 5 minutes are only done very rarely. Also, I'm not a bad student either. Last semester I got a 3.51, and for me that was sorta bad, but that's becasue I had speech class and I hate speeches, but I've still never had a C on a report card in my life.

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I studied 7 hours for the ap bio final on wednesday night. Half way through it i got physically tired. Like i could feel my body was just wasted. But i stuck through it.
The same thing happened to me on the test also. After i turned it my test i just collapsed on my desk. Im going to get my results tomorrow, so hopefully it was worth it.
But, you study until you can recollect the material. If it becomes like 3 in the morning, its too late. Get your sleep, and you can figure it out on the day of the test. Plus math is easy to figure stuff out. Especially if it is multiple choice. Math finals are the easiest. But anywho, good luck with that final tomorrow.
I have an english exam tomorrow.
It's an essay, and i don't exactly know what i'm supposed to be studying, so i just went over some books i've read.
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I don't really bother studying nowadays and its affected my grades, but my overall average will be so bloated from my knowledge orgy of freshman year that I don't think it'll even matter.
Quote by alex_haeni
I have an english exam tomorrow.
It's an essay, and i don't exactly know what i'm supposed to be studying, so i just went over some books i've read.

I also have an english exam, an essay too, but i figured it shouldn't be that hard, its only an essay. right?
Depends, I usually always study though, now that I started taking notes.
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lol @ studying. I never could study. Then again, I never could fail an exam either.
i find that more than 10 minutes at a time blurs together concepts...
longest ever studied at one time was about 30 mins....idk
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I do, but I leave it all to the last minute.
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what is this motovation you speak of? i should get me some of that, anyone know where to get some? i have a chem final tomorow and only have to get a 47 on the exam to pass the course so im not to worried. i am curently having a study break. i have only been studing for 20 mins so i ned a 20 min studybreak to make up for the time lost. therefor i decided to see what was crackin on the forums...not much
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I dont study for exams, but Ive yet to hard a very challanging course that I would need to study for.
I maybe spent one hour studying for exams and tests this past school year. If I write it down in notes I'm fine.
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I don't study for exams except on rare occasions. Like, last week, my physics and American government finals were the only two tests I've studied for since last school year.
I study the night before for about an hour.

EDIT: For REAL exams that is. Who studies for tests?
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I don't usually study, but my grades are still pretty good. I just don't have the motivation to study for any length of time. I actually do pretty good though. I aced all but one exam last term. My semester grades are still B's though, because I loose or just don't turn in my homework, again due to lack of motivation.
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I've got my last exam (English) on Tuesday. I'm not studying for that but I do have to finish an essay to hand in. I do study for exams but not as much as some people do. I tend to remember most things pretty well, just come exam time I have to go back and work on a few things here or there.
i have a socials provincial tomorrow, but i would rather go drum
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hahhaha i laugh at all of you i only had 1 exam this semester sadly i have the worst semester next sem (math,english,science,history)
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Quote by kyle100
hahhaha i laugh at all of you i only had 1 exam this semester sadly i have the worst semester next sem (math,english,science,history)

correction.. i have the worst semester chemistry, physics, history, drafting. Drafting will be easy, i got a 95 in it last year.
How some of you people not study and pass?

And by "pass" is it just barely, or actually getting over 70% or something
On my last exams, i studying while smoking cigarettes and past them all!!

Ahh, the joy of smoking!!
I don't sutdy, i do alright -not brilliant, not shit.
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I study, but I'm exempt these last two years of high school as long as I have As and show up to class. It's good.
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I've studied for MAYBE 2 tests in the 9 years I've been in school. And that was only for maybe 15 minutes max per test...not really studying. I have been blessed with a brain like a sponge...If I hear it or read it, I'll remember it.

You...lucky...bastard. I wish I was like that, life would be so much more simpler.

Meh, I study lots, but when it comes to being focused on one thing for a while I can't do it very well. I have to have music going in the background (instrumental stuff like Andy Mckee) to keep me going.

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after half an hour i quit, but this year exams count so i have to take them seriously and study

yeah this year is gunna suck
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If you wanna study good then you probally wanna do it in small sections not 5 hours straight. For a simple test i'll do like 15 minutes, 10 minute break, 15 minutes. For a huge test, like finals or something. Then do a small amount every night, more than a half an hour of studying in a day for me doesnt really do much. but hey it seems to work
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I believe studying is a waste of time. There is no way that if you have forgotten a large part of the syllabus that you can relearn it in a day, and if you study any earlier you will probably forget it before your test. I look over my books for about half an hour on the morning of my exam. If I was paying attention then I've learnt it, if not, well then, **** it. Either I pass or I fail, either or I'm getting what I put in.

I guess I put a fair bit in this year though, for NCEA (National Cert. in Educational Achievement, kinda like high school in New Zealand) I got 153 credits. You need 80 to pass.
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