This is me playing over a backing track i found at jamcenter. it can be very sloppy at parts but ive only played a little over a year so oh well. i cant make any promises but ill try to crit yours i f you leave a comment.


its Em Imrpov and yes i spelled Improv wrong.
hey man nice chops but your not in key for about 90% of the song, those bends are hurtin my ears, but nice techniques you (---) that close lol keep up the good mwork chap
There were few flat bends here and there, and I think you have a little too much gain in your tone for this kind of music, and I think the tone is a too thin. Its also very quiet and I had to turn up my computers volume all the way to hear it (speakers were on like half though)... And after a while, its starts to get a little repetitive.
like grant said nice chops but you not on key alot. next time turn the gain down abit add some reverb and delay voodoo chile was awesome btw . check out my tune
i agree with every one else the gain was a little much but i did like the bends good job keep it up

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