I have no frickin idea what to classify this as, but I whipped this up over the weekend. Its called Mountain side Jam, the first thing that came to mind. I recored all the intruments by track into sonar with some audio technica mics. Just A single guitar track, a bass track, bongos, shakers, and some booming flor toms. Tell me what you think! Check my profile for link.

Edit - I think the guitar could be a little better know that I just listened to it, because as it goes into the next part after the intro, the whole thing gets out of rhythm, but this is only my test recording to see if i should persue this song or not.
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Hey, that was very cool. My suggestions would be, have more of a buildup after a minute and a half, bring back the floor tom, etc. Also at about 1:00/1:10 I think a flute lead would be beautiful along with the acoustic. perhaps also bring back the first acoustic riff over the second part, because that was a very pretty part. I like your style, its sweet. Feel free to critique my songs, no one has yet... they are on the second page I think - Utah/Cascading Love. Thanks, keep jammin
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