what kind of a reaction would we get at a talent show if we played that...

there is one other band... theyre playing "smells like teen spirit".

think we'd win?

most of the people would probably recognize nirvana... probably not Alk3...

your thoughs?


we played "stupid kid" (alk3 if you didnt know) and got second... they played "chick magnet" and got first...

but d you think that song would be a better choice over theirs?
i think smells like teen spirit would own that song, regardless of being so well known
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what about "when the world was young" by Page and Plant? i love that song.... what about it, or do you not know of it?

edit- if i ask that are you gonna report me likethat other bastard even though i ddnt start a new thread about it?

edt2 wait, you might for double posting... ima delete my previous post.
Well "Radio" is one of my all time favorite songs, but whoever judges will probably pick Nirvana. I wouldn't, but just do what you want.

If the talent show is at a school, will they care when you say "shaking like a dog shitting razorblades" or "I've got a big fat ****ing bone to pick with you my darling"?
Are you a better band than them? Because thats really the question you should be asking. Nirvana will always win, which is gay.
I actually played that song at the battle of the bands for my school a couple weeks ago, and people loved it. I don't think they actually listened to my singing so..go ahead. We made 4th place out of 8 with it.

EDIT: when he's cussing i'd advice you either say it quietly or change the words...i said it quietly
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Depends on how you play it. I would emphisize the swearing personally. Cause who are they going to remember the band that played teen spirit, or the band that kicked off the stage for swearing?
Play Radio. It is way better than Smells Like Teen Spirit (and much less cliche). Who cares if you win.
if you wanna get kicked off stage, play "Wow, I cant get sexual too!" by Say Anything...thats a real crowd pleaser...
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yeah but how could anyone play that song? only say anything can pull it off.

+ it's a talent show, not "who can play the most famous song" show.
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