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Just name the movie, rate it, and tell why.

Make it interesting as well, don't just say, "It's awesome.", give us some detail.




Absolutely awesome. Started Kevin Smith's career with a bang, and is just so smart, and real.

I've kinda wanted to make a movie like this for some time, but I'm afraid I'll be criticised as a clone too much. But they always say to make what you feel like.
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jackass number two - 20/10 just because its the funniest shit iver ever seen
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Almost Famous


good rock and roll movie set in 1973 where a 15 y/o goes on tour with a up and coming rock band to write a review for rolling stone

EDIT: oh and Deja Vu, 6.5/10 it was alright but it was predictable and it had val kilmer
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Ace Ventura: Pet Dectective


one of the greatest movie ever, if not the greatest it rocks
Jackie Brown - 2/10

Rented this because I love Tarentino, but this was kind of a snorer. Didn't make it through the whole thing. Loved the beginning of it because it had Tarentino style dialogue and some pretty dark humor. But then it got repetitive and it was pretty much just everyone talking with not much going on, and what they were saying wasn't really all that interesting.
I watched Gladiator. Instant classic, with awesome fight scenes and drama. Gluteous Maximus can open a can of woop ass.(sorry for my lame jokes) 10/10
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jackass number two - 20/10 just because its the funniest shit iver ever seen

same. ****in love that movie
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Epic Move - 5/10
Lacks depth.
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Gosford Park


Excellent film by Robert Altman (RIP). Only thing I would have changed is to have made there be more of a process to discover the killer(s). Its made out to be a mystery, but the inspector dude doesn't do much. Excellent acting, music, and cinematography though.
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i watched Idiocracy again last night. its a funny ass moive. pretty baller. funny.

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Primeval. 2/10
Commercials made it look like a serial killer flick or something, no. It's about a ****ing crocodile in Africa. Misleading, a waste of money.
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saw 3.

i saw it on this site, . it's a pretty awesome site, you can watch a whole bunch of free movies, with no downloading.
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i watched Idiocracy again last night. its a funny ass moive. pretty baller. funny.


That is also the movie that I just finished watching about 15 minutes ago. Meh it wasn't too bad.

Epic movie


It was kind of dumb, but it also had some pretty funny parts. Don't go to the theater, but if it comes on TV at all, it would be worth the watch
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The Wall


Pretty good actually, though I wish it was more... I dunno.

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Layer Cake


Great plot and very interesting twists.
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Miller's Crossing


Gangster movie by the Coen Brothers with Gabriel Byrne(Usual Suspects), John Turturro(one of my favorite actors, he is VERY underrated), and Albert Finney(Big Fish). It's about a mobster-run town with lots of killings. If you read Dashiell Hammet/Raymond Chandler it is a lot like their books. In fact, it is loosely based upon Hammett's book "Glass Key".

And now I'm watching Good Will Hunting. 10/10 I think we've all heard of it.
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At home: good fellas 10/10 amazing...

In theaters: Smokin aces 7/10 pretty good, expected better. But still very good.
Titanic- 9/10

Although, i think that movie was fabricated. I believe in real life, German subs took it out!!!


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The Sixth Sense

Need I say more?

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This morning I saw Inherit the Wind on PBS. Very good movie.
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i just watched 1984 the other give it a 1984 out of was a very good movie....not as good as the book though.....everybody should read it
Today (sunday) is kind of my "recovery day" i jsut sit in the bed and watch movies all day. Sooo today i watched "Riding Giants" - made me wish I knew how to surf. Those dudes are mad crazy. Then i watched "Woodstock" - How wicked would it have been to had been there. wow. After that I watched "Twitch VI" - Its a kyak video. Tao is a badass... also a crazy mother ****er. Then i watched "Miami Vice" - It jsut made me want to hijack cars, drive boats to Cuba just beacuse I can, and I seriously considered becoming a dirty cop. That movie got me jacked up. Sundays rock in my world.
The Illusionist


pretty good movie. good acting all around. Ed Norton was great as usual. the plot was interesting, and it had a pretty good twist at the end, though i guessed part of it.
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