I've been qondering about making a custom AC input for my Russian Big Muff. Would buying an AC input chord and cutting part of and putting on part of a clocks 9V battery connector work? [
Those AC chords are made with a certain wattage for each petal, so if you screw up it might be hard trying to find a new one. The reason they probably didnt make it with batteries is because it takes too much juice.
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you can power just about anything with batteries...unsure how practical it is for that pedal though. But youll have to find what the voltage and mA is for the pedal and put together a battery setup to match that. Usually that info is on the AC cord. Ive done things like this before to boomboxes and such. ive even varied on the mA a little and never had problems. Voltage is the main thing. But then again, ive heard that batteries can effect the tone, where as if you use alkaline or lithium ion or whatever they have nowdays.
The Russien big Muff only uses 9V batteries. So I was thinking that maybe out of part of an old clock and a stompbox AC adapter I could probably ake and adapter that fits in the battey spot.
oh i see, i was thinking the other way around. Same thing applies though, as long as voltage and mA matches youll be fine. A Radio Shack or something similar should be able to hook you up. Take your pedal in with you and tell them what you want to do.
mA is just a max rating, certain appliances have different draw on current. pedals are on the mA scale, some other devices might be in the A range, some appliances uses over 10A (which would have kilowatts of power consumption depending on the line voltage of your region)

Lets say your device has a... 20mA rating, as long as your power supply has a 20+ mA rating, you'll be fine whether it has a 200mA rating or a 400mA rating. The only difference is that the higher rated power supply will usually be bigger.