Hey..just a quick pickup question. Are there any pickups out there with the sound of a humbucker but in a single coil pickup size? I think thats pretty much the opposite of a soapbar pickup..I don't need super distortion or anything..just the tone/feel of a humbucker. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
Hotrails/ Duel Rails/ Mini Buckers all tend to be single-coil sized. Seymour Duncan makes some excellent ones and Mighty Mite makes some less expensive ones that are supposed to be a great value.
You're best bet is to rawk the hot rails.
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The Seymour Duncan Hot Rails would be the one. Just curious - why don't you want a full-sized humbucker?
^ There are a quite a few of them, not just the Hot Rails. The Hot Rails is probably the most overrated stacked humbucker, IMO. There's also the DiMarzio Chopper, Fast Track 1, Fast Track 2, the Seymour Duncan JB Jr., Lil 59, Lil Screamin Demon, etc. I'm a fan of the Chopper myself, although that's one of the higher output ones.

It'll be difficult, though, to really replicate the feel of a humbucker with a stacked bucker.
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