haven't recorded anything in pretty close to a year now so i decided to get my favorite back track and wank it up. using my ibanez rg270 plugged into my beastly fender frontman 15g recorded with my 10 dollar target microphone. gets pretty repetitive ya ya, just messing around. the tone sucks i know, i'm looking for more of a critique of my playing and such.

"4 minutes of wanking"
thats ****ing awesome!!!!
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Thanks, douche.

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Good to hear some lead!, after 1:56 its really picks up and actually becomes intresting.. however.. turn up your guitar and stop being a pussy with the neck pickup!!! Its a personal thing but I always use the bridge for wailing shreddy lead.... its more tricky but sounds sooo much better.. to me anyway.. neckpicks just mean you dont have to worry about dynamics at all.. cus it pretty much makes everything sound alike!

Pretty cool stuff tho dude...
I love listening to jam sessions. I think I like listening to improvisational music more than most completed songs. Great stuff, Digi.

Because it seems so rare, I have to compliment you on having the drums and 2nd guitar at audible levels. In fact, I might want the lead up just a hair than what it is now.

One tip, and it's just a slight one, (because everything is great on this recording.) Could you possibly get... oh, how do I put this... a little bit "meaner" sounding lead guitar? It just seems like it's a soft rock sounding lead guitar tone, with a hard rock 2nd guitar. That's all, and great job!
thanks lol but there really isn't much i can do about the tone, the fender frontman doesn't allow for much of a variation in tone so what i get is what i get.