From Vivaldi's Summer (3rd mvmt):


It looks like a sweeping pattern... but how do I sweep it when I have to skip a string (what I supposed to do, mute it?) and play an open one (how do I keep that from ringing)...

Or do I just pick it normally?
i think you sweep the first part then play the second part normally? otherwise id just play it normallyy
i just played it right now picking normally and i didnt get any ringing, just practice it more i guess...
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How does that look like a sweeping patter? It's an ascending run then some alternate picking.
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You dont hit the samee string more than once on a sweep. Thats not close to a sweep.
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that's raw alternate picking, nothing but. Just practice more, you'll get it.

P.S. - if something is sweep picked you will most likely only see hammer ons and pull offs when there are two notes on the same string.
THats not sweeping. Its alternate picking with some string skipping ala gilbert at the end
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Ok... just so we're clear I wasn't suggesting the ascending run was a sweep. I just thought maybe the second part was supposed to be played as a sweep.

Thanks for teh answers.
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You dont hit the samee string more than once on a sweep. Thats not close to a sweep.

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