yea hey ummmm... so I was using my iTunes about 15 min ago and it had about 2000+ songs one it... and well now... they are ALLL gone... wtf happened?
open up itunes find the folder that contains your music and drag it all back into it. it works.
i dont like itunes its slow and silly, windows media player is better
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Same thing happened to me twice recently.

I just added the folder again.

Dunno why it happened though.
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I doubt they're actually deleted off your computer. Check to see if the files are deleted from your computer or not, first. If they're in your My Music (or where ever you saved them to) just drag and drop into iTunes.

If they're gone check your Recycle Bin.
I found em'. I dunno what the hell happened. That was kinda sketchy. I love my music and it took me soooo long to put allllllll those cd's on my comp. It would have been a bummer to redo all that shit. O well... thanks for the help.

ALSO!!! I've got an iPOD nano... the 4GB... and it wont hold all my songs; sooo how do i jsut erase my whole library off of my iPOD and put the songs i want on it?
Plug your iPod into your computer, then right-click on the iPod name that appears in the menu on the left-hand side of the iTunes screen. Select "iPod Options" and then click "manually update songs and playlists." By default, it's set to automatically update.

I'm just gonna go ahead and say it:

If you're running Windows, then use Windows Media Player.

If you're running Mac, then use iTunes.
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itunes sucks in my opinion crap like that happens to me all the time
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I hate Itunes, just got my shuffle so I have to use it.
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