So after going to a guitar expo in Orlando yesterday, I decided that I want to build cigar box ukuleles. I need help finding necks though. I have searched eBay and found some that I will bid on soon. Can anyone suggest any luthier sites where I can find ready made necks?
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i have the same problem, the only solution i can find so far is buying a complete ukulele builders kit and using a cigar box instead of the providedbody
your not building it unless you build the neck also, just try building a neck, its not that hard
well you can use a cigar
or use the idea i was thinkiing of

(cracker barrel box is pretty nice, lol.and you get to enjoy some darn good cheese)
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I suppose building an ukulele neck would be sorta easy. I mean, it doesn't need the same stability so there's no need for truss rods and stuff. It also doesn't necessairly have to feel as comfortable to the hand as a guitar neck does (since nobody's hand is small enough for it to really matter that much) and lastly, they're tiny, so the material cost will be low enough that you could just make a whole bunch. A guitar neck blank will give you something like six uku necks.