What's the difference between a normal electric amp and an acoustic amp? Would playing an acoustic on a normal amp or playing an electric on an acoustic amp do any damage? Also, if I wanted to get just one amp to play both an electric and an acoustic on (just for practicing by myself), which one should i get?
i dunno about damage, but i play my acoustic through my electric amp, works fine, maybe a sacrificing a little tone, but not too noticeable
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i have played and acoustic on an electric amp it all goes well until u turn it up real loud or stand to close to the speak then woooshh u get some massive loud interferance noise that hurts ur ears really bad.

why do u want an for an acoustic if ur just going to b playing by urself??
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well ive played an acoustic through an electric amp and i got feedback if i turned it up too high. maybe just because i was mic'ing it lol. my friend used to play his electric through an acoustic amp and he said it sounded fine unless he hooked up a distortion pedal. he said the distortion sounded really weird. so i guess if you are only gonna play clean then an acoustic amp would work. if not, maybe an electric amp and a noise gate?
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hey, can you use a distortion pedal on an acoustic if you're hooking it up to a pretty good house system?
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youd get feedback with electric or acoustic amp.. feedback is caused by the sound being amplifed again and agina and agian and again etc as it travels bak into the acoustic chamber.. get a feedback eliminator if u ahve feedback problem and dun face ur amp

an acoustic amp tends not to color ur sound as much as electric amps do.. giving a more true sound of the acoustic itself

which then brings us to why u would want to put a distortion pedal after an acoustic? if u want it louder u can go di pa and pump it up there.. or even a preamp booster if u realli want
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