I had to turn my volume half way to make out what you were saying. What did you use for the editing? Other than that it did make me chuckle a few times, "Wayne Gretzky, I think he's kinda sexy" I like how it has that nice mellow chord progression lol, never heard the original but your cover has made me download it.
Duke Ellington - If it sounds good, it is good.
I've heard this song before and your chords are definately wrong. If you're going to sing high you need a capo and the strumming is also off.
I look just like Buddy Holly.

yes, I did mess up about 3 times, but this was do to the fact that I learned the song 10 minutes beforehand, it was just for a joke.

And no serious editing went into it, I put my mic there, with my guitar in hand and just recorded it, saved it, and posted it.

As I said, it was just for a good chuckle.
Mission accomplished.I've never heard the original but yea.Really hard to hear your voice though.
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