Poll: What is the best, greatest and amazingest shoe brand
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View poll results: What is the best, greatest and amazingest shoe brand
17 31%
Converse (Chuck Taylor)
13 24%
0 0%
Other Beautiful Shoe
24 44%
Voters: 54.
I have one pair of New Balances. I'm not particularly trendy.

Voted other, usually just buy whatever running shoe feels best.
screw u vansboy, nike dunk sb's!
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In terms of sneakers, I only wear Vans Men's Heenan.

Every other shoe sucks.

Speaking of which, I need a new pair.

Should I go with Black/Formula 1 (What I've gone with twice in the past)

or Black/Royal (never tried)

meh. i guess anything thats comfortable.
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converse or vans (but only the slip-ons)
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vans old skool
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nobody voted gallaz..... i have three pairs that i'm not paricularly fond of so maybe they just arent the greatest... i cant believe i forgot nike and adidas -slaps face-
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Sometimes I wear vans, other times I wear brandless black combat boots I found at a garage sale
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Or nice, black dress shoes.
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I don't know if I can help it.

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i rock my flip flops 24/7 - 365.

I like the flip flop rainbows, but my favorite are the Flojoes... them bitches are BAAAAAD. I currently dont have either one... so i think im just rockin some american eagle/hollister/abercrombie & fitch... one of those places. i used to have some himp flops that looked cool, but they were very uncomfortable.
Man, hemp flip flops would be so bomb.
Will says:
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I don't know if I can help it.

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i'm not sure
right now i have converse chuck taylors, the converse that are more like tennis shoes and have the white star and stripe, and brown DVS. i'm buying new shoes because the DVS are all skaterish looking, which i'm not anymore, and converse absorb water. i also don't want vans, because everyone has them, but i don't want just plain tennis shoes because those are gay. lots of people on here seem to have addidas, what do they look like?
Converse bitch.
Or Adidas. Run DMC bitch.
Maybe Hurricanes.
But Cons numba 1.
Converse. I only wear their shoes though. Converse shoes are made in USA, but all of their other clothing is made in sweatshops in places like China and India. I have some hi-top chucks with psychadelic writing, hi-top chucks made of denim, and my low cut black chucks are currently soaked in mud because of a John Butler Trio concert in the rain

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Chucks are cool but i like the slip on vans better, mainly cos i can just slip them on, but chucks take me like 93029320 hours to put on

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I do love Vans, but I don't see how there are only 3 major options on the poll. Kind of pointless if you ask me...
- FJ

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i vote Converse becuase i have a pair of chucks.
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