I was wondering where do you go to get your guitar set up?

I have a local shop but they're not all that great. So my options are down to a nearby

sam ash and guitar center and i was wondering which one do you prefer or if its all the

same. And what do they usually do when u give them the guitar?
^ What do you need done to it? I'm going to bet anything you need done you could easily do yourself.
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eBay.... relax! despite what they've all said, every piece of my equipment was purchased from there. I had a bad experience with the first Dual Rec I purchased though. Good news was that all it needed was a different connector on the bold/spongy switch. Crazy... anyways, try 'em out!
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Seriously, why would you say that?
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ebay for setting up a guitar?? what the hell are you talking about? just take it to whichever is closer if you're going to do that... otherwise spend 10 minutes looking it up on the internet and do it yourself.
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Where's the girl? Dammit I'm leaving...you ruined my day, I hope you're happy...bitch..

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Not sure about all places but I just had mine setup, they clean up the fretboard, adjust the neck, put in a set of strings, adjust the intonation, adjust the action, adjust the pup height, clean and check the electrics and I think that's about it.

If you can find a luthier locally to do it would probably be better than one of the chain stores.
Yeah I really would stay away from Guitar Center for the whole setup thing.
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