Hey guys, I'm looking to get a reverb pedal...i was thinking about the electro harmonix pedal but what are some of your guys' faovrites?
The Fender Reverb Reissue is ok, but I think the older ones are way better. If you want a nice stand alone head styled unit, check out the Diaz, it's sweet but spendy! For less money, the T-Rex Room Mate reverb pedal is the best IMO. There is also a Van Amp Reverbamate that is said to be top notch.

These are just a few that'll make you wet your pants, if you want something that costs next to nothing, pick up a cheap BOSS or something similar.
The EHX Holier grail. Pricey though
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the digitech digiverb has good plate, hall, and reverse reverb; the line 6 verbzilla has great cave-like reverb, a reverb with a harmonized decay (for synth string-like stuff), and a good spring simulation; and the yamaha magicstomp has a couple really good reverbs with a lot of options including up to 99 seconds of decay. any of those would be a good option.
The Holy Grail is, indeed, where it's at.

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