It's only my guitar right now...someday there will be vocals and drums and bass.
www.myspace.com/theawakeningjared It's just okay...I know that. But tell me what you think of the overall idea.. I know I messed up on some parts like the pick scratch. Thanks =D.

Edit: Sorry, the song name is Twongue Tister.
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sounds very blink 182'ish. not that thats a bad thing. depends on taste. when the verse riff kicks in im ALMOST certain ive heard that on the punkomatic game. i swear to god.

sorry but i just dont think it sounds original whatsoever. i would suggest experimenting a bit more.

i quite liked your tone though.
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it sounds ok, just like you said. It's not very original, and i'm having the same problem with some of my songs too. just keep experimenting with it.
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