I was browsing Musician's Friend, and I noticed that this Ashdown MAG 600H head


is $399 while this Trace Elliot AH50 Head is nearly $1200...


They both have roughly the same wattage output, but different EQ options or whatever. Why is the Trace Elliot so much more expensive? I know they're high quality, but I thought Ashdown were pretty up there as well

Also, this SWR
has an "all-tube preamp" so what does that mean?

Thanks in advance
Well the Trace Elliot is just higher quality. You are right ashdown is up there but Trace Elliot is like WAAAAAAY up there. Plus the Trace Elliot has more bells and whistles. And a tube pre amp gives an amp a... louder sound I think, and it gives your amp more crunch. I'm really fairly clueless about tubes so if someone would correct me I wouldn't mind one bit.
well tubes have stuck around for the sound they give, not really the volume.. it's a warmer tone you cannot replicate with semiconductors.

I have just ordered the sansamp bass driver and i cannot wait for it to come!
I expect a review when you get that bass driver Mr Applehead!
I'm seriously considering a purchase for it myself, i'd like to hear how it fares.

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You also have to consider that Ashdown amp is of the MAG range... their main "pro" range is the ABM series. Trace Elliots don't you a "cheaper range". I'd be very surprised if they still differ greatly in price.