So, I've had this guitar for maybe 2months if that. and I've always had trouble with my whammy bar. I had thee hardest time putting it on. and I don't think its works, and now its all tight and i can't move it at all, and it creeks when i try to move it! what should I do!
Generally, people leave it loose and dangly and scoop it up with thier picking hand when they need to use it, then drop it again.
You can only dive down the bridge = pushing the bar down. As for the bar, if you mean by the arm-twist/arm torque, then DO NOT overtighten it. Just get a PTFE tape and wrap some around the threads on your armbar, then insert and screw it in place. It should feel as tight but not as harmful.
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Thats what she said...
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Its a kay.
But see Its been tight ever sence I put it on. now its like stuck

maybe it was placed in crooked, which would result in the thread becoming burred.