so i broke one of my strings and i was wondering when stringing how much extra string should you leave just incase you wanna down tune. also im not sure what kind of string i was playing with light,med,ex light,etc. just wondering which type is the most commonly played with
Typically light. Just because it's easier on the fingers
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Typically light. Just because it's easier on the fingers


.008, .009 and .010 are the most common

and, how much are you going to down tune
The strings I see people using most and which seem to be one guitars out of the factory the most are .012 - .053 or somewhere around that.
And I usually have about 4 turns around the tuning peg for each string and that gives me plenty of room to tune pretty low down. Just my strings tend to buzz when I tune too far down.
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.008, .009 and .010 are the most common

i think he must be talking about electric guitars. in relation to acoustic guitars, i've never even seen 008s or 009s and 010s are extremely light. i'd reccomend 012s for you. most guitars come from the factory with 012s.