Can you paint a pearloid pickguard a solid color and have it come out looking ok, or does the pearl show through too much?
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I might be wrong here, but will the paint even stick to a pearloid pickguard. Ive always heard that it wouldnt but I cant remember exactly where I heard it so you might wanna check around some more. What color are you wanting to paint it?
Yeah, it'd be easier to buy a new pickguard, but try finding a red HSS for less than $40.
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I did it to mine. I sanded it down a bit with a scotch-brite pad and did real light coats. Make sure the paint is for plastic though.
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$18 on eBay, but they're perloid, is it the perloid you wanna get rid of or the colour?
hmm, i never thought about sanding a pickguard, what grit would you use for it and how much would you have to sand off? Just to get past the clear coat or what and how hard would it be because I have an old pearloid pickguard that I might want to paint as well.
Well you dont want to too bumpy but you want the paint to stick on, i'd say like 1000 grit personally, and then use a primer, then do your coats for red.

That would be good I recon man
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400 grit should be fine.
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I tried it on my old SSS pickup using 600 grit and it worked great.
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