u know i was thinking, like how do you know if your doing everything your suppost to on a bass or guitar correctly? i mean I guess there's no "right", but there are some things that u just got to do. like downpicking... I play bass and I never downpick. I used to but I decided I needed to learn how to alternate pick all the time since i don't know, ive seen a lot of bassist in bands i like in live video's and in concert, and none of them seem to down pick. i see there guitarists do it but not the bassists. And what about where your suppost to pick? more towards the neck or more towards the... the otherway? (my mind went blank)
I guess u can say my problem is picking. I mean I can play without problem, but am i doing it right?
There, like you said, is no "right" way to pick. There is a proper way, but it's different for everybody.
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so what r some of the proper ways?

The "proper" ways I've heard are to hold the pick with your pointer finger and thumb.

if your problem is how to pick:

try to keep the pick perpendicular to the strings your picking and after you pick the string it is supposted to rest against the string under it.

but, like i said, that's just what I've read/heard when i looked it up back when i started. Everyone gets into their own habits and styles as their playing progesses.
downpicking can give a certain sound, but other than that it doesnt really matter... you can only downpick 1/2 as fast as you can alternate pick, though, which is why most people prefer alternate picking. saves energy, its easier, its faster... so unless u want that crunchy sound, downpicking only is pretty useless.