I'm 16 years old(almost 17), live in Cochrane AB, but willing to travel to Calgary if everyone is committed. Been playing for almost 10 years. Playing in a band for past 5 years. We've done lots, except no one seems as committed as me and I actually want music to take me places, and I'm willing to put my heart into making that happen. I play lead guitar for classic rock/blues type music. My influences are mostly Joe Perry, Jimmy Page, Slash,Eddie Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, Ted Nugent, etc. However, I can play other things...prob just not country. Age is not a major factor, i'll play with just about anyone that has a love for the music. I've been singing for the past couple years, so I can provide back up vocals. Just lookin for a committed rockin band to jam with and do lots of concerts with. If your interested in a lead guitarist...look no further!

Kevin Glass
Hey Man,

I'm 16 and live the west of calgary. I'd love to start a band or something. I've been trying to find people who share a desire to play and take it places. I've only been playing two years on guitar but I have 7 on piano. I also have decent vocals if needed. I play anything from smooth jazz to SOME metal. I really don't care what I play as long as the people around me are just as serious as myself.
Awesome! Sounds like your what i'm lookin for. I really just need a band that WANTS to play lots and sounds like you want to. I'm assumin since you took 7 years of piano you know some theory too which is good. We just need a drummer and bass and we'll be set. Where abouts in west cal you live? And IF you have any recordings of you singing/playing or anything that you can send, just email it to me, but if not, its all good haha. What are your influences by the way? Next goal....find ourselves a drummer and bass! and possible lead singer if your not into singing that much

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I live in strathcona just behind COP on the hill. I don't have any recordings of either my singing or playing but my influences come from all over. Some of them are Wes Mongomery, At the drive in/Mars Volta, Chili Peppers, Black Keys, Ben Folds. I'm really all over the map when it comes to what I listen to and I'm really willing to play almost any style.
nice, thats fairly close too. As long as the music aint emo....I hate that shit. No one wants to hear about someone complaining about their life haha. Lets find us a drummer and bass...possible singer if you dont wanna do vocals.