Hey guys im trying to learn some new songs that aren't to hard, ive been playing the guitar for about 2 weeks now and i was wondering what you guys would recommened, ive started learning wonderwall and that i miss you song by incubus
I've found in teaching my students (generally friends/relatives that I teach for free) that attempting to teaching them songs they don't know or like is usually fruitless as they don't instinctively know the beat etc. So it would help for us to know what Genre of music you like.
I'm from a 60's and 70's Classic Rock background. And songs I use to start beginners off are:
"Wild Thing" by the Trogs: G-C-D played back and forth.
And "Heart of Gold" by Neil Young: Em-D / Em-C-D-G
That covers most of the "basic" chords. From there I just find songs that add the other missing chords, such as "A Country Boy can Survive" by Hank Jr. D-Am-G. and so on.
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There's already a sticky for this, but I'll tell you some anyway, as I haven't found that thread to be very useful. Look next time.

Hero by Enrique Iglesias is easy to play and sing along with. Johnny Cash's version of Hurt is also simple to play (I learnt it last night and I don't play guitar much, I'm a bassist) and sounds good.
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The first song I ever learned on guitar was Dust in the Wind by Kansas, granted it has an intermediate picking pattern however the chords are very simple (basically C and A with a simple variation) and it helped give me a sense of where all the strings are.... The second song I learned was Hotel California by the Eagles, It has a good chord progression to teach your fingers to get where they need to be.... just start slow, then build your way up until you can play it at double speed in your sleep... And when your fingers are bleeding and your forearm hurts from the contorsionist type positions you get your left hand into... you know you did a good job... ; )