There are two things i want out of life right now, first, i'd love to be reknowned for playing guitar, don't need to be rich, but i just want to be able to play for people. Secondly, someday, at one of my concerts (man i hope so) i want to give a big shout out to all my ex girlfriends.... b!tches...
That's great, I hope it all works out.
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thanks team - its nice to not be shat on for having goals from time to time =P
Good luck with those buddy
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You're my new idol.

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Mike_rocka_boy, I know this is offtopic, but Id like to commend you on being the smartest 12 year old Ive seen today, you actually know spelling and grammar!
Those are sad goals in my eyes.

All I want is to get married, have a family and be able to support them.
I want to be the next Ghandi.........the white one..........*sigh*.......
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i want to be happy
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