I've been considering buying a new harp and was checking out those Hohner XB-40s. I've read basically two different things: it has sharp edges, it tastes like shit, it squeaks etc. and it's great! Unfortunatley you can't really try a harp before you buy it so I can't really judge it for myself. I liked the idea of being able to bend every note, but what really made me consider it was that it's rather big. I find it hard to play single notes on my Big River Harp as the holes are pretty small and close together. I'd be willing to forget about the easy bending of the XB-40 if I could find another big harp that wouldn't cut my thumbs, squeak and cost $100. So what would be my best choice? Should I pick up an XB-40 or should I find something else?
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While I have no experience with the XB-40's, Hohner is an extremely reliable company.

My harmonica is a Hohner aswell.
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You should pick up a Lee Oskar Diatonic in C Major. Honer, especially the XB-40 isn't really for beginners, it's for more advanced players wanting easy bending power. You don't want that - go with the original Lee Oskar and learn from the start.
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