LMFAO, Hahahha!
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Viking fact no. 1: Viking helmets did not have horn.
Viking fact no. 2: Vikings tobogganed on their shields into battle.
Viking fact no. 3: Vikings drank mead.
Viking fact no. 4: One of your ancestors are likely to have been raped by a viking.
its like..."heeeoh heeeoh heeoh"

anyways. this reminds me of 7th grade. my best friend and i used to laugh at everyones laugh because mygod some people have some pretty weird sounding laughs...
oh man oh man oh man....oHH man... ahee hee hee hee hee heee

thank you thats the hardest i lauhged in a while
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Donkeyman2341, you are my new god!
i didnt find it that funny.
rather stupid.
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My penis is not huge.

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i didnt find it that funny.
rather stupid.

that's the fun part, this is UG you know
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I laughed when he said he's from Alabama.

Just Kidding..
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He reminds of a fat kid with a cold and a brownies stuffed in his mouth trying to laugh.
but it aint house music that makes me want to dance.
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He reminds of a fat kid with a cold and a brownies stuffed in his mouth trying to laugh.

why dont you shut up! your user name pwns you!
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I like to play this game where I'll see how many times I can look at a particular chicks ass or tits until I get caught.

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Fat chicks are different. They don't count, they aren't women.

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lmao. hyuk hyuk.
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I used to hate chavs until my sister got a smack in the mouth from one. Now I love them.
LMFAO !! Man I'm telling you I have to laugh this much for a looong time
That was funnier then I thought it would be. Haha, that guy probably got teased as a kid.
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that's hot voltan