im sure everyone who has heard their music has picked the mix of deep purple, led zeppelin and black sabbath...

i would just like to know what some other people think of them and their coincidentaly familiar sound?
well i really doubt its a coincidence... they have original stuff, but it has that 60s/70s sound. and its not by accident or anything. andrew stockdale's look is based around it too, so theyr obviously big influences
They sound like T-Rex and Cream got drunk and had a jam for a laugh.

I'm not saying that's a bad thing by any means
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they do have influences from a lot of classical rock, but I think they have a lot of original stuff. They're a great band.
They're not classic rock. Classic rock is not a sound; it is a time period.

Take this to the modern rock forum.
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That song "Woman" is quite catchy. The rest of their stuff will be found in the trash can of many Limewire users...
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