I am very much a noob when it comes to amps heads and all that stuff. I am wondering basically what a head is and a cabinet. I think I have a bit of an idea but to be honest I don't really know whats going on.
You see I have only really come across amps that look like say a Valvetronix series amp. Just a box with the speakers pre amp power amp and settings all in one? I think thats right.
Now I have discovered heads and cabinets. So does the Head house the pre amp, power amp and the settings? And um it has no speakers? And you have to hook it up to the cabinet which has the speakers and where the sounds comes from? So no sound comes from the head itself?
So say I bought a JTM45 head from Marshall I could play it through say a Mesa Boogie cabinet? But if I played it through a Marshall Cabinet the sound would be different than before?

So if that is all correct can I ask how much does a cabinet affect the tone? Say people say that the amp makes up most of your tone not the guitar is it the same that the head makes up most of the tone not the cabinet? Or am I wrong.

I hope you understand!

Thanks so much!
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You got it right! You can mix and match heads and cabs as long the impedance on them matches. (don't worry what impedance is) Heads house the pre amp and power amp and you connect them to a cab which houses the speakers. I'd say different cabs can greatly change tone.
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Different cabs = different shapes = different speakers = different construction = different materials = different tone.

So yeah, the cab does affect the sound, but you got pretty much everything else right in your post