What the hell just happened? I changed strings today and noticed a serious problem with the 6th fret on my low e string. First, the fret just seems to fret out or something. I thought it might be some serious fret buzz or something so I raised the action. Problem remains.

But that's not all. Ignoring the buzz, the 6th and 7th fret sound the same. Like they're one big fret. My old strings were 11-49's and these are 11-52's, so there's not much difference in the gauge. I've had 10-52's on before as well, so I don't think it's the extra thickness that's to blame. This has seriously got me stumped.

I've attached a recording of the problem for reference.
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wow thats realy weird have a look at the fret and see if it is disloged from the fret board it ma y be sitting to high and causing the string to buzz
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Well, I just loosened all the string to see if the tension caused some kind of neck warping and when I checked the low e string, there was a big kink in the string right above the 6th fret wire. I just chucked on a new e and it seems to have fixed the problem. Lucky I bought a 3 pack!
The more you know, the less you understand.