Sometimes when you do chord changes, there is this squeaky noise when your fingers slide against the strings (the noise is more audible while playing the acoustic). Are these noises supposed to be there or you're supposed to eliminate them?
Depends on the song you're playing and your own idea about it ...
Personally I don't think it's annoying or so... except when it's done trueout the entire song and it's quite obvious...

But it's just your own decision
sometimes even professionally recoreded songs have these noises like the acoustic song of pelican in their second LP
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voodoo child - jimi hendrix (good song by a crap guitarist)
nothing else matters - metalica (closest they'll ever come to true metal)
can't stop - rhcp (john is not god)
fix you - coldplay (the shredding is top)
It's all part and parcel of playing the guitar. It sounds quite good on more rootsy and folksy stuff anyway, it sounds more natural.

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It deoends on the guitar for example on my old gibson accoustic this sound is very annoying loud while at all the others its just cool!
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