Hi i've had my Marshall combo amp for about two years and it has been amazing so far. But about a month ago i was playing by myself when i heard a very deep whispered "Hey!" This freaked me out alot an after an hour hiding downstairs i went upstairs and turned it on again and again it said "hey!" i turnede it off and told my sister and we went upstairs and again "Hey!" after awhile it dawned on us that it was something inside the amp loading up. Like when you turn your computer on but no word of a lie it sounds just like someone is whispering hey! I would like to stop it since i have had enough of scaring my friends and family with it and it's now its just annoying. Does anyone now how to stop this? or is my amp just cursed.
You need help.
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change the direction of ure amp. Like place it in another corner of the room...
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Im gonna upgrade to a marshall mg.

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That's some of the funniest shit I've ever read. "Hey!" My mouth tastes like blood. ****.
Maybe it's radio signals. I was playing a Fender DeVille and all of a sudden, I hear the radio.
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My epi vj picks up a german radio station, its your pickups picking up radio signals, not your amp, but obviousley it comes out the amp.

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You bought an MG

What amp is it? Also, why be harsh? Can't you just have a decent conversation with it?
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I have a radio tower about 1/4 mile away and it comes through my blues junior constantly, and sometimes loud. It is religous station to boot. If I were to play some Ozzy over it, I might go to hell
change ur guitar cable. it's acting like an antenna.

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