I've seen Anthrax and Zombie in August, as well as Priest and Anthrax in late '05. My Chemical Romance, Thrice, and Circa Survive in December of '05. I also seen Anti-Flag, Billy Talent, Moneen, and Rise Against last night in Saskatoon. Seeing UnderOath, Taking Back Sunday, and Amour For Sleep in March, as well as Heaven And Hell, Down, and Megadeth.

Anyone else seen anything great in the last year or two?
Last 2 years, here are some big bands I've seen: Red Hot Chili Peppers twice, Steve Vai, Black Sabbath, Morrisey, Beautiful South, Billy Idol, System of a Down, Razorlight, Slipknot, Megadeth, Feeder, Kasabian, Radiohead.
Lucky bastard. I missed The Chillis when they rolled through here with The Mars Volta, as well as Slipknot.
I wouldn't call seeing TSO back in December "recent" but I am going to see the Burden Brothers on the 21st of February. So that'll kick ass.
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Necrophagist, Unearth, Hatebreed all coming up in March.

Opeth and Slayer, Children of Bodom, In Flames, Lamb of God & Thine Eyes Bleed (Unholy Alliance and InMe (that was surprisingly good) all late last year.
Guns N' Roses, Dragonforce and Iron Maiden last year. Towers of london in march hopefully
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guns n roses, RHCP, muse all last year
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Pearl Jam, in Detroit and GRAND RAPIDS, The Cure with Interpol in Curiosa back in ~2004, Detroit Blues Society battle of the bands finals, Alice in Chains in Detroit, those were all good.
erm.. nothing very big.. but i had a concert of intwine at my friends home if that counts
Intwine is great though, going to see them this thursday
I've been to some small concerts, like Di-rect and stuff (dutch rock band)