I know almost nothing about MIDI, thus:

I started working with Pro Tools 7.1 LE recently on a MacBook Pro, and am able to record guitar and mics through the Mbox Mini.

If I want to add a MIDI controller keyboard to let me play with all the virtual instruments embedded within Pro Tools, would something as cheap as the M-Audio Oxygen 8 ($100 online many places) work natively? Or do I have to get an "official" keyboard?

From what I can tell, I definitely won't be able to use the physical dials on the Oxygen to control the Pro Tools virtual faders, but that's not too important for my home-project needs.

If you know this will not work, suggestions for low-price options would be appreciated.

im pretty sure that protools can use standard MIDI controllers. I dont even think Digidesign makes an official MIDI keyboard.
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