What's a cheap and good EQ pedal to get?
I don't want to spend over 80 euros (I live in germany.) a friend of mine will borrow me his Boss GE-7 I'll see how that one is... I looked at a DOD 7-Band EQ, it's only like 40 euros and a behringer one (sucks that it's out of plastic) for 24.
So, tell me what's a good one for under 80 euros.
Danelectro Fish n' Chips. I own one and it works great. It's plenty sturdy as long as you don't stomp on it with steel-toed boots. My only complaint is that the switch can be a little hard to step on from time to time but besides that it works great. It's only about 24 euros too.

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There was a thread about the Danelectro Fish n Chips and there's been some positive feedback about it, it's quite cheap too.

You should be able to get a Boss GE-7 though in your budget. In the UK they're £52 which is about 70-80 Euro's. That would be a better purchase
Is the fish and chips really that good?
I played the octaver + fuzz pedal from danelectro, amazing tone.
I hate the boss overdrives tbh.
I'm gonna try that Boss GE-7 today, because I'm gonna borrow it.
What about that DOD? Is it any good?
It seems that every pedal BUT the fish and chips seems to have bad opinions on...which is saying something about the fish and chips.

Most people say it is well worth the money, along par, if not better than the boss, but ALOT cheaper. The only bad point being the pedal made of plastic and the switch sometimes hard to press.
i got the behringer EQ700 ... its a bit too light and not the most reliable pedal in the world, but its a pretty okay pedal. even though its plastic it seems durable enough, and the sound is good so id recommend one.

of course, if you have the money just buy a BOSS pedal.
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