Simple question: Are you a metal guitarist? I think that i'm a metal guitarist.
Im pretty sure i'm an organic guitarist.

What a silly question.
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ummm dont know, metal doesnt come naturally to me i have to really try hard to get down a metal riff because punk rock comes naturally to me and i like metal more
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Im pretty sure i'm an organic guitarist.

What a silly question.

No, I'm a crap guitarist. I mean entirely made of crap. Much like this thread.

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I consider myself to be a guitarist in general. Metal is what I play and is also who I am but I play more than just metal. This thread is lame
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Wow, what a pointless thread.
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I write sorta bluesy/shred wannabe stuff. As in, great blues feel, but pseudo-shred type stuff. Sounds good anyway.
Im made out of metal if that's what you're asking...
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I play a lot of Agalloch.

I suppose i'm a wood guitarist, then.
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When I'm trying to write some metal it mostly sounds like punkrock. However, by playing it in drop C and turning the gain up to eleven I can pretend that I'm playing metal
No, I play cuntcore.
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of course i am a metal guitarist



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Umm im sort of a Blues/Shred guitarist, although I am a massive metal fan.
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