has anyone else heard the new song by anberlin that came out last night?
its from their new album cities and i think the album holds a lot of promise
the trailer lets us hear some anticipated singles, and godspeed and dismantle repair are the only two full songs that u can hear at the moment
chek them out on www.myspace.com/anberlin
and tell me wut u guys think
especially if ur anberlin fans =)
personally i cant wait for the cd, when it comes out feb 20th im getting it
either that or im pre-ordering HAH
yeah i like both the new songs as well. anberlins my fav band.steven christians awesome
cannot STAND that band. My boyfriend made me listen to them all day once i nearly died. I think that CD may have to incur an accidental sitting-on if he tries this again.
Anberlin are incredible. I'm never disappointed by their songs.
I completley adore Dismantle.Repair, can't wait till the new album. They actually released a new song last night, Alexithyma.
I actually am seeing them the 27th.
I don't know why..
I don't know why I fight for you this way.
they now have the whole album out on myspace. check it its sweet. they are talented and great. stephens voice is amazing. if u havnt heard them you gota give em a chance lyrics are outstanding
Oh yeah, I keep listening to it. Stephen's voice in incredible, it has great pitch.
Then lyrics are incredible, I think my favorite so far is Inevitable, or the Unwinding Cable Car.
I don't know why..
I don't know why I fight for you this way.
Yeah, It sounds like a pretty awesome cd. Im definately gonna buy it when it comes out

... Or pirate it
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