I would really appreciate feedback, I would also critique anyone's work. On the myspace page there are two of our songs, Utah and Cascading Love, crit one or the other or both? Thanks!

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I like the bluegrass feel in Utah try to clean up the percussion, because it was a little muddy. But I like the changes. Good singing also! Cascading love had lovely flute! I LOVE flute and i wish i could play! Wonderful. Classical vibe at start. Find a way to mic the acoustic guitar better, however. Good vocal harmonies too. when the drums come in, the same problem of them being to dull IMO comes in. Are you using a drum machine? (doenst really sound like it)
thanks a lot, I appreciate it!! you're right about the acoustic... I am pretty clueless about recording/micing the acoustic so it was plugged in direct. And those are live drums, I'm just not a very good drummer, lol. I will work on it definitely. thanks!
Get 2 Condenser mics and point one at the 12-14th fret area and the other at the body facing in toward the sound hole (Not pointing directly at it) and turn the gain ALL the way up to pic up every single sound. For drums, well, thats a different story.