hey just wondering what you guys listen to when you just want to chill out...jack johnson? jason mraz? john mayer?
Robert Taylor.
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I can listen to anything to chill out, but triphop stuff like Massive Attack, Tricky, early Hooverphonic etc is ideal. Ambient, noise, instrumental triphop also. But heck, I chill to anything, be it trance or black metal.
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I chill out to Malmsteen.

I am about the only person I know that can relax to his songs.....
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hey just wondering what you guys listen to when you just want to chill out...jack johnson? jason mraz? john mayer?

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you listen to jon mayer.

nah, to chill out i listen to psy trance or ambient music.
John Mayer - continuum, anything from RHCP - Stadium Arcadium, Some Radiohead maybe
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Radiohead has a lot of chill (maybe more depressing) music. Subterranean Homesick Alien, Let Down, The Tourist.....all excellent chill songs.
In bloom by nirvana is my fave song t chill 2 but i do chill t Skynyrd a lot
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Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmy Hendrix and Acousticy Led Zeppelin songs are good for chillout.
Boards of Canada or early Aphex Twin
Tool are awesome

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Symphony X's 'Divine Wings of Tragedy' album. The Accolade just relaxes me then brings 10,000 chills down my spine.
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feeder especially comfort in sound album, some bloc party... just random calming songs from varying bands.
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Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmy Hendrix and Acousticy Led Zeppelin songs are good for chillout.

Oh so true
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Dispatch, Sublime, Oasis does the trick occasionally, and I love listening to Joe Strummer's version of redemption song to chill out.
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GN'R's 'Use Your Illusion' albums.
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Damien Rice, Massive Attack and Chillis "By the Way" album, because it makes it feel like summer.
pink floyd, eagles, skynyrd
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Jeff Buckley or Bonnie Prince Billy.
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Pink Floyd, NICK DRAKE, Moby, Hooverphonic, M83, David Gilmour solo, Brian Eno, Sigur Rós and quite a bit of the old "post-rock" stuff.

Really ambient stuff, basically. And ****, Nick Drake. Legend, genius.
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