like i said i want an LTD almost anything......
i really like the viper series and the F series but im open to anything and any color

has to have EMG pickups!!!!!! or nice metal sounding pickups
floid rose tremelo is a deffinate +

im looking to spend any where from 0-250$ and mabey more if i really like it

i really need this!!!!!!!
as far as trades im open to about anything.

things i can trade ( guitar related)
digitech pedal
washburn metal distortion petal
crate 15w amp. (incredable condition)
jim trigs eddition cort simi hollow electric guitar
custom fender look alike guitar

non guitar related stuff i can trade

some car audio
ipod shuffle
gamecube package
xbox package
I have a ltd with gig bag, strap, and tuner that has a floyd rose and 24 frets it doesnt have emgs tho the pickups are stock but are really hot but what do u expect for under $250? that i might possibly sell like this its got a real nice flame with transparent black heres some pics they were on my myspace so ill just put that up instead of using photobucket.




pm me if interested
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cmon guys i really need this
if you are still interested, check out THIS THREAD i am kadinh, selling the black esp ltd.

you can email me if you are interested