yup Wait a sec and I will give you it! Its a mild crunchy tone that does chili peppers extreamly well!!

Gain: 10
Volume: 9/10
Treble: 8
Mids: 6
Bass: 7

Reverb: 3
Master Vol: 8

Remember volume plays a big part in tone so it mightent be good for you unless you crank it!
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start with all the EQ at 5, then slowly tweak

try and have a sound in your head, then use the above method to approach it

try lowering the gain and raising the volume for a chunky sound but with more clarity
lets say before it starts to get roughly a good cranked sound..

2'oclock volume?

soz bout the questions.. im getting one but not sure how loud it needs to be before i can get a good sound!

its for bedroom practice as well as playin a gig... but in the house it cant go that loud! babies could die if its loud enough.
I too am thinking of getting one, but I need to know how versatile it is. I play mostly alt rock, but branch out a lot. Is it good with effects? specifically in the loop.
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